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Friday, December 31, 2010


I love this cartridge and I thought I would give one away to one of the first 100 members that join my newest blog, Bumble Bear Crafts. It is a promotion for my newest blog, but this blog will be linked to my YouTube Account and Ustream account and will feature lots of tutorials. So let's see who is the lucky one ;.)

Finally, let me tell you about the "Just Because" Cards Cricut cartridge. It is filled with Paws-ibilities. The Cricut could cut something as little as one inch and as large as 23.5 inches. So combine that with the 40 cards with layers and 10 envelopes, 50 accompanying phrases with layers, 50 sticker shapes with blackouts, 50 stenciled phrases with blackouts and you put all that together with Stampin Up! wonderful paper, embellishments, ribbons, and so on...and your scrap book page, card, etc would be a one of a kind masterpiece. The retail value for this cartridge is $69.99. So let's keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we will get the members needed to put this wonderful cartridge in someone's hand. I love my Bigz Shot and my Cricut both are great tools to help me prepare for my workshops by having everything cut and ready to put together...the workshops go by smoothly. I am so excited about this offer. I hope is just the first of many to come. Remember you need to follow my newest blog, Bumble Bear Crafts

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I just Made this Cute Bib Necklace Using the Bigz Shot

I just made this necklace using the Bigz Shot and the #2 Circle Die. Please, excuse the photo (I used the cell phone). I used two types of fabrics: organza and satin. I used a lighter to melt the edges of my circle in order to prevent fraying. It is important to use synthetic fabrics and not natural fabric (natural fabric will burn). I also keep a big bowl of water around when I am working with the lighter, just in case my fabric catches on fire. Finally, I had some jewelry from the 90s that I re purposed in this necklace. You could attach the "bib" part of the necklace to pearls, chain and or even a ribbon. I have done all three. I wanted this one a little differently so I attached it to a chain. It was super easy...the step that takes the longest is the melting of the edges. You could also make hair accessories using the Bigz Shot and #2 Circle Die. If you are interested in these products visit my store.